Executive Committee

2018 Section Executive Committee:

Chair:               Matthew Kirkpatrick

Chair-Elect:     Christopher Mertens

Secretary:       Colin MacDonald

Treasurer:      Young Walgenkim

Past Chair:    Jeremiah Ross

Members-At-Large (Terms Ending 12/31/19):

Michael Fuller

Kelly Jones

Kevin Mehrens

Christopher Mertens

Joel Shapiro

David Venables

Members-At-Large (Terms Ending 12/31/20:

Hope Del Carlo

Bret Knewtson

Jordan Roberts

Jeremiah Ross

Eva Novick

April Kusters

Board of Governors Contact
Robert Gratchner ([email protected])

Bar Liason
Amy Zubko



To send an email to all Section members, address it to: [email protected]
To send just to the Executive Committee members, address it to: [email protected]