Executive Committee

2020 Section Executive Committee:

Chair:               Kevin Mehrens

Chair-Elect:     Emily Rena-Dozier

Secretary:       Hope Del Carlo

Treasurer:      Young Walgenkim

Past Chair:    Chris Mertens

Members-At-Large (Terms Ending 12/31/22):

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Bret Knewtson

Jordan Roberts

Tim Eblen

David Venables

Members-At-Large (Terms Ending 12/31/21:)

Anthony Estrada

Jeremiah Ross

Kelly Jones

Colin MacDonald

Joel Shapiro

Board of Governors Contact
Gabe Chase

Bar Liason
Amy Zubko



To send an email to all Section members, address it to: [email protected]
To send just to the Executive Committee members, address it to: [email protected]