Executive Committee

Section Executive Committee:

Mr. Eblen, Tim L    Chairperson
Ms. Caffall, Amanda     Chair-Elect
Ms. Rena-Dozier, Emily     Past Chair
Mr. Estrada, Anthony     Treasurer
Mr. Mehrens, Kevin A    Secretary
Mr. Walgenkim, Young     Member
Ms. Weisler, Faye     Member
Ms. Templeton, Emily C    Member
Mr. Mertens, Christopher J    Member
Ms. Osborn, Sarah R    Member
Mr. MacDonald, Colin D A    Member
Mr. Hernandez, Tomas     BOG Contact
Ms. Zubko, Amy H    Bar Liaison
Mr. Kirkpatrick, Matthew S    Member
Ms. Del Carlo, Hope A    Advisory Member
Mr. Venables, David W    Advisory Member
Mr. Ross, Jeremiah Vail    Advisory Member



To send an email to all Section members, address it to: [email protected]
To send just to the Executive Committee members, address it to: [email protected]