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OSB Consumer Executive Committee

February 19, 2019

  • Members Present (in person or telephonically)
    • Young Walgenkim
    • Kevin Mehrens
    • Bret Knewtson
    • Matthew Kirkpatrick
    • Eva Novick
    • Hope Del Carlo
    • Michael Fuller
    • David Venables
    • Colin MacDonald
    • Kelly Jones
    • Joel Shapiro
    • Chris Mertens
    • Amy Zubko
    • April Kusters
  • Minutes
    • January minutes amended to include Jordan Roberts as website chair.  Motion to adopt minutes, as amended, passed.
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Website: Sign up sheet was distributed to full committee, everyone should sign up for a month if they have not done so.
    • Legislative: The Section received approximately 90 bills from the Bar.  Many of those bills are not considered useful or viable.  Among those that are are bills that would create private attorney general provisions in Chapter 90, a change to lemon law offset rules to peg depreciation at the first report, and a consumer electronics right to repair law.
    • CLE: Kevin Mehrens will chair the subcommittee.  Subcommittee met to discuss topic ideas and structure, agreed on settlements as the topic, but may expand beyond tax implications previously discussed.  Topics include: tax burden (including 2018 changes), impact on benefits, corporate reporting requirements.  We can add ethics, access to justice or other special MCLE cred as added draw.
    • Treasurer: December financials are in, so final 2018 numbers are in.  Year began with $18,086 on hand and ended with $16,859 on hand.  This reflects distributions in scholarships and donations.  CLE revenues were lower than projected, but expenses were also below projections.
    • Volunteer and Social: Social set for Feb. 21, 2019 (Thursday). Reminders will be sent out.
    • Scholarship: Scholarship was a good program we should repeat.  We need to come up with ways to increase applications beyond last year’s four.
  • Old Business
    •  Outreach
      • Bar has tasked sections with increasing diversity.  We need more new attorneys, not just attorneys practicing in other areas.  We can work with OLIO to improve outreach.  Motion to establish new subcommittee for outreach approved by voice vote.  New members will be Chris Mertens, Hope Del Carlo, Michael Fuller, Kelly Jones, and Matthew Kirkpatrick.
    • CEJ Donation
      • CEJ has reached out to find out what is happening with our donation to them.  Bar said they never got check request, but check is now in the mail
  • New Business
    • Membership Dues
      • Motion to make membership in the Section free for law students and judges, passed by voice vote.  Discussion of further discounts or expansion options referred to Outreach Subcommittee.
    • Lunch with the AG
      • Attorney General Rosenblum will have lunch with the Section on July 16, which is the regular date for our July meeting.
  • Adjourned.