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OSB Consumer Law Section Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 19, 2021, Noon

Via Zoom Videoconference Only


Present: Chris Mertens, Matt Kirkpatrick, Kevin Mehrens, Tim Eblen, Gabe Chase, Young Walgenkim, Hope Del Carlo, Jeremiah Ross, Kelly Jones, Jordan Roberts, Joel Shapiro.

Not Present: Colin MacDonald, Anthony Estrada, Emily Rena-Dozier, David Venables, Bret Knewtson.

Approval of Annual and November Minutes

An issue was raised about Bret Knewtson’s vote on the donation allocations, so the Committee proposed amending the November minutes to delete the mention of Bret’s vote. Chris moved to adopt the minutes as amended, Jeremiah seconded. Annual meeting minutes approved as submitted and November Minutes approved as amended, unanimously.

Assignment of Subcommittees:

The executive committee formed the following subcommittees for this year’s work:

Website: Jordan, Matt, David.

CLE: Hope, Jeremiah, Tim, Emily.

Legislative: Chris, Joel, Young.

Volunteer and Social: Kevin, Kelly.

Scholarship and Award: We’ll revisit the subcommittee membership at next meeting.

Subcommittee Reports

Treasurer’s report:

November financials: $2000 in contributions went out. Two new members, both unpaid. $9278.00 was the Section balance at end of November. We are still in the spend-down cycle. We need to get our account balance to about $6000 to avoid the bar levying an assessment. We’re at $9000 right now. Once we hit the target, we’ll have to discuss whether we’ll continue to make charitable contributions. If we want to change the dues this year, we have to hold our annual meeting earlier. Since we don’t usually have an August meeting, we’ll have to schedule it before that break. If we raise the dues, we’ll have more money to keep in the bank–our target changes. Assessment is a flat rate; the amount we get to keep is based on dues amount times number of members. In June or so, Kevin will circulate agenda that address the question of whether to raise the dues.

CLE subcommittee:

Hope reported on the 12/3/20 Last Dollar Scams CLE, presented by Colin MacDonald via Zoom. It was a success, with about 50 attendees. Revisiting the question of whether there will be any revenue share by the bar for our co-sponsored program in October, hope reported that she checked the guidelines from the bar and saw that revenue sharing is at the bar’s discretion.


All members of the executive committee need to sign up for at least one article per year. An article that has something to do with consumer law. We’ll get a sign-up email from Jordan. Make sure we are updating rosters and meeting minutes periodically.


OSB picked up our change to the attorney fees bill (adding a factor for party represented by legal aid or a pro bono attorney). It has been assigned a bill number (SB 181), and the bar is putting together the formal testimony. Chris is assisting with drafting the testimony; anyone who knows someone who has won a case for someone who was represented pro bono and had their attorney fee award cut because of that, let Chris know right away. Young mentioned that Mike Fuller was doing a pro bono case and had his fees cut to $150 or so, judge mentioned that he was doing it pro bono as a factor that justifies reducing fees. Will be a hearing at the end of January, early February. May be pushed through with a lot of other housekeeping matters. We want to have legal aid or the bar or someone testified, and just let it go through. People can also testify on their individual behalf.

Scholarship & Awards: Postponed to next month.

Membership and Outreach: Postponed to next month.

New Business: Kevin got a letter from the bar about a work group they’re trying to put together about diploma privilege. They want a consumer lawyer to be on there. Jeremiah volunteered to have his name passed on to the bar.


Minutes submitted by Hope Del Carlo.