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OSB Consumer Executive Committee

November 15, 2017

  • Members Present (in person or telephonically)
    • Kelly Harpster
    • Kelly Jones
    • Young Walgenkim
    • Matt Kirkpatrick
    • Eva Novick
    • Adam Hanson
    • Matthew Shields
    • Jeremiah Ross
    • Joel Shapiro
    • April Kusters
    • David Venables
    • Jordan Roberts
  • Approved October 2017 meeting minutes as amended.
  • 2018 Section Planning
    • Discussion re donations.  Last year was $0 and previous was $750.  People pretty much agreed that giving to Oregon Justice Group (Judge Kantor Group) is a good idea.  Discussion continued regarding whether we should donate to Campaign for Equal Justice and / or Oregon Consumer League.
    • Motion to donate $1,000 to Oregon Consumer Justice Group passed unanimously.
    • Motion to donate $500 to Campaign for Equal Justice passed unanimously.
    • Motion to donate $500 to Oregon Consumer League passed unanimously.
  • Treasurer’s Report and 2018 Budget Approval (David Venables)
    • Discussion over the proposed budget from the treasurer.  Discussion veered to how to get more members.  There was a discussion about why people are leaving and / or not joining the section.
    • 2018 section budget was not ready for a vote.  David V. agreed to circulate the budget and vote on it by email.
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Social (Kelly Jones and Mike Fuller).  Kelly J proposed Friday December 8.  Possible locaiton: Montage or Widmer.  Motion to spend $300 for holiday social passed unanimously.
  • New Business: Kelly H accounced a new position as AIC of Financial Fraud section of DOJ.  Will not be in executive committee next year.
  • Adjourn – meeting adjourned.