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OSB Consumer Law Section Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 12:00 p.m.

Via Zoom Videoconference Only


Present: Amanda Caffall, David Venables, Jordan Roberts, Emily Rena Dozier, Hope Del Carlo, Kevin Mehrens, Matt Kirkpatrick, Chris Mertens, Tim Eblen, Jeremiah Ross, Anthony Estrada, Amy Zubko, Colin MacDonald

Not Present: Young Walgenkim, Brett Knewtson

Introductions for benefit of visitors and new members.

Approval of April 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved.

Subcommittee Reports

  • Website
    • Discussion on types of articles that can be submitted. Discussion of recent cases that might be worth posting on.  Request for committee members to sign up for their month.
  • Treasury
    • Gains: $20 through new membership
    • Expenditures: $10 for OSB support services.
    • Net Assets: $10,435
    • Paid Head Count: 158
    • Unpaid Head Count: 25
    • Total Members: 183
    • 1 new paying member from previous month
  •  Legislative
      • Section presented its three proposals to the Oregon State Bar.
      • The Bar declined to pick up the proposed amendments to tie statutory damages to inflation and to amend “prevailing party” attorney fee clauses to mirror the UTPA.
      • The Bar is, however, having legislative counsel look further at the section’s proposed fix regarding attorney fees in arbitration when there is also an offer of judgment.
  • Scholarship & Award
    • No update.
  • CLE
    • Section will co-sponsor a foreclosure defense CLE on June 16-17. It will be a hybrid event with room for approximately 80 people in person and also offered remotely.  The event will be free to attend or to watch live and the video will be offered for viewing for a discounted fee afterwards.
  • Volunteer & Social
    • No update.
  • Membership & Outreach
    • No update.

New Business

  • Oregon Consumer Justice is accepting application for its Litigation Director position.
  • 9th Circuit certified a question relating to the UTPA to the OR Supreme Court.
  • Chris Coughlin, of Oregon Consumer Justice, has requested to speak at our June meeting.
  • Bar Offices are opening to the public on June 6 and are available to use for in-person meetings. Masks are required.
  • Luncheon with AG Rosenblum scheduled for July.
  • Discussion of recent consumer cases.