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OSB Consumer Law Section Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 1:00 PM

Via Zoom Videoconference Only


Present: Kevin Mehrens, Hope Del Carlo, Young Walgenkim, , Jeremiah Ross, Joel Shapiro, Emily Rena-Dozier, Kelly Jones, Jordan Roberts, Matt Kirkpatrick, Colin MacDonald, David Venables, Anthony Estrada, Gabe Chase, David Koen.

Not Present: Bret Knewtson, Chris Mertens, Tim Eblen, Amy Zubko.

Approval of September Minutes

September minutes were approved as submitted to the Executive Committee; Kevin moved to approve, Emily seconded. Minutes adopted.


Young submitted the last article, went out on the listserv. Let him know if you didn’t get it. Reminders to remaining authors to submit their articles this year.

Treasurer’s report:

Nothing to report–no transactions for September. Ending fund balance $8304.00. BOG extended the forgiveness for assessment for another year, so we don’t need to spend our money down.

Subcommittee Reports


Nothing to report.


Mike Baxter would still like to receive his award in person. Probably will be able to award it next year. Kelly pointed out that he won’t be on the committee in 2022; someone should keep track and follow up on Baxter’s award.

No new nominations for awards so far this year. Colin didn’t receive any. Hope nominated Chris Mertens and Young Walgenkim for the Award of Merit for their work on the passage of SB 181. Seconded. Assuming there’s no bar staff rule that prevents Amy Zubko from getting it, maybe we can add her for the award next time. Motion carried, passed awarding to Young and Chris for now.