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OSB Consumer Executive Committee

May 16, 2018

  • Members Present (in person or telephonically)
    • Jeremiah Ross
    • Young Walgenkim
    • Jordan Roberts
    • Kevin Mehrens
    • Colin MacDonald
    • April Kusters
    • David Koen
    • David Venables
    • Eva Novick
    • Matt Kirkpatrick
    • Chris Mertens
    • Amy Zubko
  • Motion to amend minutes from April, 2018 and approve minutes as amended.  Passed.
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Website: Expect to be updated by end of day with new minutes, events and new article.
    • Legislative: Got a list of legislative concepts from other sections.  Discussion followed whether they would negatively impact consumers.
    • CLE: Waiting to hear back from elder law section but will move forward on assumption we don’t have their help.  Discussion of elder abuse topics including RVs, medical billing, insurance, and others; discussion of potential speakers.
    • Treasurer: $18,870 in account.  Two new members.  $60 in expenses.  There was a discrepancy in Feb. meeting minutes.  Noted that previous meeting minutes were in error.  The number reported was not the correct number.
    • Volunteer and Social: Certain board members going to swearing in ceremony.  Discussion of whether to offer free membership for first year.
    • Scholarship: Nothing new to report.
  • Old Business
    • AG Meeting.  Lawyer referral service.  Certain board members going to meet with OSB to discuss.  Discussion of other CLE topics.
  • New Business
    • Discussion regarding expenditures relating to pizza.
  • Adjourned.