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OSB Consumer Executive Committee

April 18, 2018

  • Members Present (in person or telephonically)
    • Jordan Roberts
    • April Kusters
    • Joel Shapiro
    • Matthew Kirkpatrick
    • Amy Zubko
    • Christopher Mertens
    • Kevin Mehrens
    • Colin Macdonald
    • Young Walgenkim
    • Robert Gratchner
  • Approved March, 2018 meeting minutes
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Website: Discussed comment received to a blog post. Discussion of whether it was beneficial to have comments enabled given the high number of spam comments and the low number of actual comments.  Moved to delegate authority to subcommittee to decide whether to keep comments enabled or disabled.
    • Legislative: No update at this time. Discussion of homestead exemption in Oregon.
    • CLE: No update.
    • Treasurer: $18,947 fund balance. Will follow up regarding possible discrepancy in minutes report from 2 months ago.
    • Volunteer and Social: No update.
    • Scholarship:
      • Review questions provided by the NCLC used for their scholarship.
      • OSB has no objection the NCLC questions.
      • Discussion of desire for application to be a member of the Oregon state bar and practice in Oregon.
      • Motion to use NCLC scholarship application with the addition that the applicant needs to be a member of the Oregon bar, needs to practice at least 50% in Oregon, and the section does not care about the answer to the natural disaster question in the NCLC scholarship application.
        • Motion passed unanimously.
  • Old Business
    • AG Meeting scheduled for July 18, 2018.
    • Discussion relating to Lawyer Referral Service
      • Discussion of desire to exempt consumer law from 12% kick back system if we give free consults. Discussion of whether it is best adopted as an exemption, or as an extension of modest means.
  • New Business
    • OSB swearing in service is May 17, 2018 at Willamette University.
      • Section expressed desire to provide OSB with a consumer law brochure. Bar charges $0.48 a page to copy the brochure.
      • Motion to delegate Jeremiah Ross the decision about whether to accept OSB pricing or shop around for a better deal. Section wants 100 copies.  Motion passed.
    • Oregon 19th annual summer social fundraiser auction on July 26, 2018.
      • Put on by the Oregon Minority Lawyer’s Association who is asking for donations.
      • Joel Shapiro volunteered to appear on behalf of the section.
      • Discussion of whether to donate money.
    • May 2, 2018 legislative forum at OSB building relating to two bills regarding debtor/creditor and elder law.
    • Discussion on possible CLE relating to benefits and tax consequences.
  • Adjourned.