2013 Legislative Session Consumer Law Update

By Eva H. Novick

A number of bills passed in the 2013 legislative session that may impact your practice or your consumer clients. Many of these bills do not have a private right of action; however, you may still want to be aware of these changes when you are giving clients advice or screening potential clients. Of course, since you’re also a consumer, you may want to know about these changes for your “real life” away from the office.

I briefly summarize the bills in three categories: (1) changes to the Unlawful Trade Practices Act, (2) bills related to foreclosure or mortgages and (3) other consumer protection-related bills. The effective date for all of the bills is January 1, 2014 unless otherwise noted. To view the full text of any bill, go to https://olis.leg.state.or.us/.

Unlawful Trade Practices Act

HB 2059 – adds consignment sales to ORS 698.640, a violation of which is a violation of ORS 646.608(1)(v). Adds a new requirement regarding the return of unsold property.

HB 2573 – adds a violation to ORS 646.608 of acting as an immigration consultant for compensation. Exceptions for authorization under federal law and attorneys.

HB 2824 – amends ORS 98.854 pertaining to non-preference tows, a violation of which is a violation of ORS 646.608(1)(ddd). Provides that a tower may tow a vehicle if the vehicle violates a prominently posted no parking sign that warns that parking is prohibited 24 hours a day.

HB 3070 – requires disclosure of shipping and handling charges during a sales transaction. Added to ORS 646.607; no private right of action.

HB 3467A – adds a violation to ORS 646.608. If a person operates a website that posts mug shots and charges a fee to remove the mug shot, the person must take down the mug shot and personal information related to the mug shot for free within 30 days if it receives a written request that contains documentation that all charges were acquitted, reduced to violations, or were expunged.

HB 3489A – changes licensing exemptions for escrow agents to act as debt management service providers. Relates to a violation of ORS 646.608(1)(kkk). Effective date: July 18, 2013.


SB 558 – expands the foreclosure mediation program (“resolution conference”) enacted under SB 1552 (2012) to include judicial foreclosures. There is no private right of action. Effective date: August 4, 2013.

HB 2528 – amends definition in ORS 86.205 to remove cap on amount in real estate loan agreement that is subject to requirement to pay interest to borrower on funds that lender collects for lender’s security protection provision.

HB 2568 – amends time of and information required in notices of sale in foreclosures. Changes amount of time a trustee may postpone a sale.

HB 2569A – permits law firms to be trustees of trust deeds.

HB 2929B – relates to trustee’s sale of foreclosed property. Permits trustee to rescind sale within 10 days in certain circumstances. Requires trustee to provide notice of rescission within 10 days after the date of sale, specifies contents of notice, and requires trustee to record affidavit regarding notice. Requires trustee to refund purchase price to purchaser within three days after date of notice. Requires trustee to register with the Secretary of State or DCBS.

HB 3389A – limits lender’s ability to reject short sales. Before approving a short sale, a lender may not require a nonprofit that purchases property to enter into an agreement that limits or bars the homeowner from owning or occupying the property. Provides exceptions. Effective date: July 19, 2013.


SB 237 – relates to billing errors for public utilities.

SB 525B – amends the Unlawful Debt Collection Practices Act (ORS 646.639). A debt collector is prohibited from using the seal or letterhead of a public official or public agency. Although not under ORS 646.639, the bill also prohibits public agencies and public officials from allowing a collection agency to use the agency/official’s seal or letterhead and from getting paid by the collection agency to use the seal or letterhead.

SB 574A – allows a representative of an individual under 16 years old who is incapacitated or has a court-appointed guardian or conservator to place a credit freeze on the individual’s consumer report. Effective date: June 13, 2013.

SB 577C – relates to motor vehicle service contracts and protection products.

HB 2346 – amends ORS 646A.588 pertaining to portable electronics insurance policies and consent to receive statutorily required notices and correspondence by e-mail. Effective date: May 13, 2013.

HB 2706 – allows self-storage facilities to charge late fees. Amends notice and sale requirements for liens. Amends liability for motor vehicles, watercraft and trailers.

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